Festival Outdoor Gym

The Unique Sportive Addition to any Festival. The Gym is a Raw Style Oldschool Fitness Rack and is equipped with training material for Fitness, Strength Training, CrossFit, Weightlifting and Bodyweight Training like Calisthenics.

Guided by professional Personal Trainer(s) we provide an Open Gym where Festival visitors can train independently. The experienced sportive visitors love to do a strength workout, a short (morning) stretch session or pump up the muscles right before the party starts.

The ideal spot for Festival Outdoor Gym is at the edge of the Festival or at the festival camping area.

We can organize HIIT Circuit Workouts and Challenges. An hourly “stretch session” for everybody to join. At the weekend Festivals with long night party’s and short nights in tents the stretch session is refreshment very welcome.

Everything is possible in agreement with the Festival organization.

Festival Outdoor Gym

Apart from the Open Gym we can organize Challenges for everyone to participate in. Such as:

  • Weighted Plank Challenge
  • Squat Challenge
  • Push-up Challenge
  • Pull-up Challenge
  • Tire Flip Challenge


Or how about a Small Obstacle Run!

The Festival Outdoor Gym creates a relaxed, enjoyable and FUN atmosphere!

In agreement with the festival organization, festival merchandise can be awarded as prizes at the end of the festival.

Check out the Pics & Vids!

Festival Outdoor Gym